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I posted this argument, er, point of view inside a Squidoo Lens I set up a while ago and thought it might be a good idea to include portions of the post here for you if you’re still “stuck on the fence” about switching over to OOo Writer from MS Word.

It’s pretty good stuff. Hope you like it.


Still Using Microsoft Word For PDF Ebook Creation?

Why are you still doing things the hard way??!

That’s right. I said it.

Why on Earth would you still be creatively limiting yourself with such a crappy piece of software that costs out the rear when you can have a much better application that doesn’t cost you one red cent??

And, you can use it to make yourself wads of cash, without spending any??

Don’t get me wrong. I really like using Windows — go figure?

But I absolutely loath trying to figure my way around some cruddy “trial” junk that is so complicated to use you have to read like 12 manuals on how to add chapter links and background images to your ebook templates.

That’s just plain STOOPID.

What would have taken me months to learn using MS Word took literally HOURS in OpenOffice. Or OOo if you prefer.

Plus, I get to design beautiful ebook templates with, err, updated graphic elements that fit into the new generation of web components. You know, like creating a “web 2.0″ looking PDF ebook?

It’s a breeze with OpenOffice Writer.

And, if you are at all familiar with MS Word’s interface, then making the transition over to OpenOffice will be total cake for you.


Just How Easy Is It To Create A PDF From Inside OpenOffice Writer?

Well, how fast can you click a button?

No, I’m not kidding.

Inside OOo Writer there’s this little bitty “PDF” icon that sits inside the tools menu bar ( *hint: it’s at the top with all the other “little” icon thingys ), and all you have to do is “left click” it once and a new window will pop open asking you to give your freshly created .ODT document a name.

Next thing you know, after you name it, you have a cool PDF file of your .ODT document sitting right on your hard drive, ready to distribute.

Can’t get much easier than this. Can it?

I don’t think so.

Why Are You Posting This Here…Now?

Because I got a message from a fellow marketer in my inbox that was promoting one of my EZ Ebook Template packages and he had suggested that his subscribers use a 3rd party PDF creation software.

Which, as he learned later, was very unecessary as OOo Writer already has this ability within the main program.

“Score 3 Points For OpenOffice! Yeah!”

Why Is This Important?

Because most folks that use Microsoft Word exclusively for their PDF ebook creations have to use a 3rd party software for PDF creation.

People who use OOo Writer don’t. Perfect!

And if Gabriel Aguinaga didn’t know about it, it’s a pretty safe bet that there are plenty other people that don’t know it either.

This is what happens when you’re use to doing things a certain way with a certain word processor program and have no idea how new software can uncomplicate your life.

It can sometimes be as simple as clicking a button.


In the upcoming weeks, I will be developing something a bit new and would like to work on Newsletter Template designs one can use inside of OOo Writer.

Plus, I will be working on various “niche” style ebook template packages that will include hot topics like…

1. Nature & Animals

2. Health Care

3. Sports

4. Money

5. Holidays & Special Occasions

And probably more. But for now, I’ll begin working on those specifically. It should be enough to keep me busy on up through the Christmas season.

Also, I am going to begin developing actual “template styles” as I study up on how to do it….

There’s a lot to learn about using real “template styles” inside of OpenOffice Writer, so it may take me a bit longer to get a grip on that.

And, finally, I’d like to begin developing EZ Ebook Template Packages for Microsoft Word users. I’ve had so many requests for this, it isn’t even funny. Guess some folks just refuse to make the switch over from MS to OOo. Bummer :-(

So, those are the latest and greatest updates for the EZ Ebook Template line. I have loads of work to do with the Members Only Site and I’m getting more Custom Work Orders, so things are becoming a little on the hectic side for me.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue posting my progress here and let you know about all the new things I’m working on as they near completion.

And, as usual, when I run across something useful, I will definitely post that info up too.

So, stay tuned, it’s gonna be a busy Fall Season!!

EZ Ebook Template Package #7 Released

I have released the seventh edition of EZ Ebook Templates, and this time, they are all “ready for print” type designs.

Here’s a quick break down of what’s included in this package:

* 5 Different “White Paper” Style .ODT Template Files

* 5 Blank Matching eCover Designs

* All .PSD Files For Both The Ebook Templates & Flat eCover Designs Included

* Full Master Resell Rights To the Entire Package

* Master Reseller Kit Including All Graphics, Sales Page, and Thank You Page

This is a great package for those out there that like the EZ Ebook Template designs, but wished there were more “white paper” styles. Plus, having access to the .PSD files means you can drop in your own graphics and color schemes, which is always good ;-)

You Can Download A Copy From Here & See All Template Samples

And, if you are a Warrior, then please check the Warrior Forum for my Username: Tracy Yates and see my sig tag for an even greater savings on this brand new collection of strikingly simple custom ebook templates.

Cool Commercial Retro Resources

Since this site discusses designing ebook templates, and I like sharing my finds with others, here’s another list of really cool “Retro” style resources you can use commercially throughout your ebook and website designs.

  • MUJKA – This site has awesome patterns, cool templates, and rad retro vectors. The prices are decent and the designs are outstanding.
  • Art by Andy Nortnik – Can you say “Retro Overload”?! Amazing retro royalty-free clipart packs hand crafted by Andy Nortnik. Really cool sets can be found here for a really good price.
  • Free Retro Clipart Gallery – Yes, a whole collection of free retro clipart images. Not sure if these can be used commercially as I couldn’t find any terms of use, so you may want to use this resource for personal only designs. Or do a bit of further investigating. Oh, and try not to go blind with the site layout design….it’s horrid!
  • My Retro – A nice collection of royalty free retro style colored clipart images. Not bad, not bad.
  • Time Tunnel – Super cool collection of Royalty Free retro clipart collections. And, if you register on the site, which is free, you can also download a new retro clipart image every month. Not a bad deal for nothin’!
  • – Sells royalty free retro images at $1.00 each. Pretty neato collection. The site says all images are downloadable after payment and come on a plain white background. Obviously, the images are not colored but simple black and white.
  • – Good assortment of vintage style clipart images. Most in black and white, but you can get like 400 images in a collection for $9.95. Not a bad deal. Categories of image collections include: Angels & Fairies, Goddess, Egyptian, Suns & Moons, Wiccan, Medieval, and more.
  • Simply Dark Free Clipart – Not really “retro”, but hey, skeletons are always in fashion ;-) Good collection of free to download clipart images. Some are animated, and some are not. Still, a nice resource to have in your pocket.
  • Civil War Clipart – Collection of civil war images found across the web, and some even scanned and uploaded from original 19th century newspapers. All images claim to be “copyright free”, and freely available for download and use in your own designs.
  • Designed To A T – Good collection of free to download and use on both personal and commercial projects clip art. Various categories to choose from, even Victorian! Not great, but good enough to make the cut.

Okay, that’s all I’ll add to this list. Hopefully, that will be enough to keep you busy until I can add more resource lists in later posts.

If not, you can always try doing some “digging” of your own through Google.

Happy Downloading!

EZebt Membership Site Is Now LIVE!

Finally, after weeks of non-stop work, EZebt Membership Site Is Now Accepting Members.

There are only 250 Spots available, and they’re filling up fast.

If you act now, you’ll pay the lowest possible price monthly….

Here’s a hint….

It’s less than the cost of dinner for 2 at McDonalds!

And you’ll get a crud load of exclusive money making content too.

So, do yourself a favor and….

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