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How To Create PDF In OOo Writer

We Are Changing…

Yes, I’m changing the platform of EZebook Templates. But not from WordPress. I love it too much :-D   No, I’m talking about changing the actual design layout. This will take me some time to get everything adjusted to my liking, but it will be terrific when it’s done.

If you’re wondering, I’m using a free WordPress theme called ZinMag Futura.

Sort of getting ready for the upcoming “Fall” season with the colors, but, hey, I really like it. And there are several reasons why.

For one, it gives you a lot more freedom to add media like video, slideshows for your recent posts, and of course, a special “featured” post, like this one. While I continue to work on this theme, I am also working on more free ebook templates that will also be added shortly. I will make another post on this.

Things are changing, yes. But they will be good changes :-)

More to come, most definitely!

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