I can understand if you are skeptical. Heck, when I came across this, I was too. But the deal is 100% legit. When it comes to hot graphics design, I hate to say it, but Max Rylski is the man. You’re probably thinking….“Why in the world would you be promoting someone else’s graphics??!”. Well, I’ll tell you….they are THAT GOOD.

There, I said it. And what Max is offering, I haven’t seen ANYWHERE. The quality is outstanding. The price is unbelievable. And the Developer’s License…INCREDIBLE!

Yeah, I know, this smacks of Internet Marketing “hype. But I swear, everything I’ve said up there is totally true. In fact, I joined Max’s MGT Membership site. Yup, sure did. I might be a designing pro, but I’m no fool. There’s NO WAY I’d pass up on a chance to cut my workload in half. And that’s just what this special “Exclusive Developer’s License” does.

On top of that, Max provides members with a new graphics package every week. Yes, every week. And that’s really awesome. And handy when you’re in a jam.

To prove that Max has got the “goods”, take a look at his WSO thread here: http://tinyurl.com/bestmgt

Now, with all that cool stuff fresh in your head, here’s what’s really going to blow your mind….this is a MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP costing less than $10 a month….with a Developer’s License.

But, there’s a catch….this special deal is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY. Once the deal is over, the price goes up by another $10. So, my advice, if you need super awesome graphics, and you want new ones on a weekly basis, and you want to be able to use them for personal + commercial use, and you want all this for under $10 a month…then….YOU NEED TO JUMP ON THIS BEFORE IT EXPIRES.

I did. And it’s the best investment I’ve made this entire year. No lie.

Hope to see you inside the members only area. I’ll be there, I’d love to see you there too!