Q. What Are EZ Ebook Templates?

. EZ Ebook Templates are .ODT files that help you create beautiful pre-formatted ebooks inside OpenOffice Writer getting rid of the drab, plain, layouts you might be use to seeing. And using.

Q. Who Are EZ Ebook Templates For?

A. EZ Ebook Templates are designed for anyone that produces their own ebook ( electronic book ) products. This can be an original author of an ebook, someone that is using Private Label Rights type content, or someone that already has written a few ebooks and wants to give them a more updated look and feel.

Q. Are EZ Ebook Templates Really Easy To Use?

A. Of course they are! What could be more simple than downloading the EZ Ebook Template Package in .zip format, unzipping it, and double clicking on the .ODT file that opens right up inside OpenOffice Writer?!

Q. Why Would I Need To Use An Ebook Template?

A. Many authors of PDF ebooks and special reports enjoy adding flare and style to their creations setting them apart from other authors. Ebook Templates can help you do this without all the time consuming work of coming up with the design elements, such as adding a Header or Footer, adding a linked table of contents, or creating and adding your own stylish background designs.

All of that is done for you inside of our ebook template designs. And, everything is explained in our exclusive members only “step-by-step” video tutorials so that no matter your skill level, you will be able to make the most of all our ebook templates.

Q. I Read That Making Use Of “Flashy” Graphics Inside Your PDF Ebooks or Special Reports Doesn’t Make Them Look Professional At All, But “Gaudy” And Harder To Sell. Plus Using Colorful Layouts Leads To More Refunds Of A Product That Uses These Types Of Ebook Templates. Is This True?

A. Of course it isn’t!

Refund rates have more to do with the content of your ebook than how it is laid out. A majority of the time, if you are getting massive refund rates, then there is a problem with the content of your ebook, and not the design as others might have you believe.

We take loads of pride in our designs and try to make them as tasteful as possible. The reason why you will hear negative feedback from a handful of our competitors about the resolution of our ebook template graphics is because we have set the resolution on those graphics at 72 ppi, which is a standard web setting for graphics.

And, when the PDF documents are blown up ( or zoomed in on ) to larger sizes than their original 100% setting, the graphics will of course look more pixelated.

While the resolutions won’t look 100% perfect at PDF sizes higher than the normal size (100%), they look terrific and we’ve had plenty of positive feedback from our current customers saying they absolutely LOVE our ebook templates, what they do, and what the templates have helped them accomplish with their PDF ebooks and reports.

In future templates, we plan on setting the graphic resolution at a higher rate, but in turn, this will make the graphic file sizes much, much larger. However, they will look much better when the compiled PDF ebooks or reports are “blown up” or zoomed in at higher sizes.

And, as far as the comment about the ebook templates not making your PDF ebooks or reports look more professional, it is a statistical fact that having graphical elements in your products makes them sell better as humans are visually stimulated creatures. Adding great looking graphics to your web sites earns more money, so why wouldn’t the same logic be true for your PDF products?

Q. Do Your Ebook Templates Work With Microsoft Word or Any Other Word Processing Program?

A. Yes, and No. The templates can be converted over to Word .Doc format, and used inside other Word Processing Programs, but you may lose some of the formatting and quality when switching over platforms. Our Ebook Templates were designed for exclusive use within OpenOffice Writer, so that is what they should be used within. And, the format, .ODT, will ONLY open in OOo Writer.

Q. I’ve Read On Other Sites That Your Ebook Templates Aren’t Really Templates. Is This True?

A. In the conventional sense of the word “template”, yes, they are in fact templates. Our Ebook Templates are not any different than making use of a web page template. It is the same prinicple. They are just not compiled as a “template” form.

Instead, they have been compiled in the easiest format to use for anyone on any skill level, which is the standard OOo Writer .ODT file format.

When you see other websites referring to the fact that .ODT ebook templates are not “really” templates, that’s because these are not “template styles”, which is what other sites are selling. Template “styles” are pre-designed style layouts for things such as header text, paragraph text, table of contents indexes, and similar that you load up inside of a special section of OpenOffice Writer.

This is why our Ebook Templates are superior to other templates because of their ease of loading, editing, and using without the need for additional “set up”. All you do to use one is “double click” the .ODT file ( once you have OpenOffice Writer installed on your computer) and the template loads up, ready to be used.

And, just like a template, you can reuse any of our Ebook Templates over and over again. Plus, to keep the “original” layout of any template, once you make changes to the original, simply use the “Save As..” function and you will have a separate copy of the .ODT Ebook Template and still have your original template, ready for reuse from the beginning.

Q. I Like Your Designs. Can You Create A Custom Ebook Template Just For Me?

A. Sure! In order to do this, you will need visit the “Custom Designs” page and check out my pricing scale for such a job. You will also need to submit specific details for what you want your custom ebook template to look like, such as color scheme, header and footer specifications, etc.