Last night, I was searching for a simple online tutorial that would show me how to create a carbon fiber background that would seamlessly tile.

I Googled it up and found an unbelievable source with plenty of tutorials called, including a carbon fiber background tut.

I first thought, when I saw the tutorial, “Wow, this is gonna take me forever to do!”

But, to my pleasant surprise, it took me about 5 minutes — give or take, as I had to go back and forth to complete the steps.

The point is, IT WAS SOOOOO EASY!!

I was flabbergasted.

It was so simple, I thought, well, I’ll check out another tutorial then. So, I happened across a chrome tutorial.

Guess what?

It was just as easy to follow as the first one!

And the outcome, OUTSTANDING!

Turns out, by following the tutorials, you get the exact same effects.

Oh, and by the way, I have Photoshop 7, and the graphics turned out just as good as they looked on the website where the tutorials were listed.

Best of all, every one of them are 100% FREE.

You can’t get much better than that.

So, my advice, if you need to brush up on your PS tricks, then bookmark It’s one resource I, for one, won’t ever be without again!

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