I found another great resource where anyone can pick up terrific looking brushes, custom shapes, patterns, styles, gradients, etc., for super low cost.

And use them all commercially, which is always a great thing ;-)

So, anyway, the site is called www.GrahpicXtras.com and I’ve been thus far digging through the custom shapes, which look pretty promising. They have shape packages made up of clouds, circles, spirals, dots -n- dashes, faces, embellishments, sketchy, stars, and a whole bunch of others.

I’ll be going through the brushes section next to see what they’ve got.

Average cost for 1 set of custom shapes: $9.00 US

Average value of having such a resource: PRICELESS

And, here’s another terrific, and FREE, site for collecting some custom shapes for Photoshop:


Lots of free to download custom shapes that can be very useful and the site states you can use them in commercial designs, so there ya go!

You will have to register for an account there, but, again it’s free.

There you have it. 2 new resources for great commercial use elements for your ebook template designs with Photoshop!

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