I have seen anywhere I found quite by accident doing a search through Google.

See, what happened was….

I discovered this cool new online handwritten font tool at vLetter and planned on using that for making some handwritten signatures and headlines for some upcoming web pages, but found that vLetter converted the written text over to images on a flat white background.

And that just wouldn’t do for me.

I needed something better.

Something I could edit out the rear without having to remove the backgrounds.

So, I went on the hunt for some good, free handwriting fonts.

And I hit the jackpot with FontGarden.com

While the fonts are free to use for any personal pages, you can simply “donate whatever you think commercial use is worth to you”, and then you can also use these beautiful handwritten fonts commercially.

( I’m not sure if you have to donate for every single font you want to use commercially or not, but it would be nice to throw the author a few bucks for each one. Plus, you can always contact the owner and find out. )

Pretty cool, right?

I was amazed at the quality and variety of handwritten fonts. Frankly, I hadn’t seen anything like these anywhere else on the web. To boot, they were all free, right there for the taking, and installing!

Of course, when I found FontGarden.com’s selection, I just had to hop right on here and share it with everyone.

So, if you’ve been looking for some beautiful handwritten fonts, then I highly recommend you visit FontGarden.com and see what’s there.

It’s one resource you will want to bookmark and go back to again and again.

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