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After searching for what seemed like FOREVER to try and find some high quality, fresh — meaning 2009 or newer — ebooks that had at the very LEAST Master Resale Rights, I came up with SQUAT.

So, I decided, “If I can’t find it, then I’ll do this myself!”.

And that’s just what I did :)

On my new Twitter Account: Free Ebook Weekly

Every week, I’m gonna give away a brand new ebook with at LEAST some type of Resale Rights to anyone who wants it.  The only exception to this is that if I find something that doesn’t have any resell rights, but has EXTREME value in the information provided. Then those will go up as well.

There’s absolutely. . . . 

  • NOTHING to sign up for
  • NOTHING to buy
  • NOTHING to do but download the goodies from a direct download link once every week!

So far, I have 2 of the freshest ebooks ( they just came out this week ) ready to download right now. And those titles are:

  • Articles Into Videos – With MRR & Saleskit
  • The Product Creation Guru – With MRR & Saleskit

If you want ‘em. . . . .Come and get ‘em!

Free Ebook Weekly

Have a terrific week!


Hey guys. Hope you’re doing well today and glad you decided to stop by because I was just told about this video from a friend of mine. It’s a video created by a very talented guy named Steve Dougherty.

In it, he explains precisely how to change any .ODT file, which is the standard format that ALL my templates come in, over to an easier to use .OTT file, which is the standard form of “template” inside Open Office Writer.

Here’s The Direct Link To Steve’s Free Video

There are a bunch of other excellent free videos on Steve’s blog, so you may be there for a while. ;)

All I can say is “Job Well Done Steve and Keep Up The GREAT Work!”.

I was just taking my daily “stroll” through the Warrior Forum and stumbled upon this….Online Ebook Cover Software

This is an extremely valuable tool for those of you out there that need to get an ecover, or ecovers, for your products, but just don’t have the money to pay someone to do them for you.

This resource is completely free of any cost whatsoever, and you can generate a variety of ecovers in just a few minutes….all by yourself with this online tool. You don’t need a graphics editor program, photoshop actionscripts, or images of your own for that matter. Although you can use them if you want to “spice” up your ecover creations. None of the above is necessary to use this tool.

I even tried it out myself and came up with these in just under 2 minutes each:


And I made those just by using the elements provided from the site itself!

This is an awesome free tool that many of you can probably get loads of use from. So if you missed the direct link to the site in the beginning of this post, I’m putting it below for you again ;)

Check Out The Free Online Ecover Creator Tool Here

Free Stock Photos To Download And Use Now!

bigstockphoto_freephoto-red1Oh yes. It’s official. I am ecstatic to share this with you today. Big Stock Photo is giving away hundreds of royalty free, free images you can download right now.

I’ve looked ‘em over and they’re not too shabby. I’m sure you want the link, right? Who wouldn’t??! Okay, so Here Is The Link To Click To Go To The Big Stock Photo Free Image Library so you can snatch up your share. I set up the link so that it will open in an entirely new window for you so you never have to leave EZebt’s site. So convenient :)

No, there’s no obligation to download and use the images. At least that I know of anyway. And designers are always on the hunt for good, free, royalty free stock photos they can make use of either for themselves or for individual clients needs.

You have to understand that Big Stock Photo is one of the only royalty free stock photo sites that allows you to use their images inside website template designs. Of course, you can only use them one time inside one template, but you can always use their multi-purchase license thing and then you can create website, or ebook templates ;) , that include Master Resell Rights.

And when you’re ready to ‘graduate’ and actually purchase some images, Big Stock Photo has some really affordable pricing on their inventory. Smaller image sizes start at like $1 each. Not too bad. And they have tons of them to choose from too!

I would highly recommend Big Stock Photo to all designers. And not just because they’re giving away some choice freebies either. They’re gooooooood.

Again, Go Download Some Free Images Complements From Big Stock Photo Here And Start Creating!

Free Resource: Pixels & Ice Cream??

Ah yes. Is there anything better than a nice big, FREE heaping bowl of your favorite ice cream? How about with pixels on the side? What???! “Pixels and Ice Cream“? Yep. That’s the name of a terrific website that offers free photoshop brushes and patters, some of which include wonderful seamless tiling backgrounds, that you can use both personally and commercially. Plus some other cool free stuff.

And that’s something I’m always on the hunt for.

While the site doesn’t have an over abundance of free-to-use resources, it does have some pretty good ones available for download. Many of those are more geared towards the “girly” end user. But, hey, I AM a girl, so I like it. And I’ve included it here for you as yet another terrific free graphical resource to add to yours.

I’m interested to see how this site grows over time. And what other fabulous freebies they come up with next!

Visit Pixels & Ice Cream Here to peruse through their “menu” of free goodies. You may just find something delectible to enhance your tasty designs there.

Best Free Handwriting Fonts

I have seen anywhere I found quite by accident doing a search through Google.

See, what happened was….

I discovered this cool new online handwritten font tool at vLetter and planned on using that for making some handwritten signatures and headlines for some upcoming web pages, but found that vLetter converted the written text over to images on a flat white background.

And that just wouldn’t do for me.

I needed something better.

Something I could edit out the rear without having to remove the backgrounds.

So, I went on the hunt for some good, free handwriting fonts.

And I hit the jackpot with

While the fonts are free to use for any personal pages, you can simply “donate whatever you think commercial use is worth to you”, and then you can also use these beautiful handwritten fonts commercially.

( I’m not sure if you have to donate for every single font you want to use commercially or not, but it would be nice to throw the author a few bucks for each one. Plus, you can always contact the owner and find out. )

Pretty cool, right?

I was amazed at the quality and variety of handwritten fonts. Frankly, I hadn’t seen anything like these anywhere else on the web. To boot, they were all free, right there for the taking, and installing!

Of course, when I found’s selection, I just had to hop right on here and share it with everyone.

So, if you’ve been looking for some beautiful handwritten fonts, then I highly recommend you visit and see what’s there.

It’s one resource you will want to bookmark and go back to again and again.

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