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It’s Not Always About Me

Sure, it’d be great if it was all about me and my great stuff here on EZebt, but it isn’t, because you can get a ton of terrific info and usable products from other people too. Some of it free. Some of it at cost.

Now, just because something wasn’t created by me doesn’t mean it isn’t top shelf.

And I’d just be a total jerk if I didn’t include that info and/or links here for you. So, you’re going to see a whole lot of links to other people’s websites and products in the days, weeks, and months to come. And NO, they aren’t all going to be affiliate links that make me money.

It’s not about that.

It’s about providing you with great designing resources. And other products that will make your online career easier.

It’s about helping YOU make money. Not me.

For me, it’s always been about that. Sometimes, other people make waaaaaay better stuff than I could ever dream up. And it’s cool to give them recognition for their hard work. Besides the fact that it’s useful info for you, and anyone else that decides to saunter in off the ‘net to take a look-see at what’s here.

I promise though, I’ll try to stay “on point” and deliver graphic related news, links, free videos, and other assorted goodies that you can use whether your designing ebook layouts or website layouts.

It’ll be good stuff.

And, every post I make is going to be of a “conversational” tone.

It’s just how I write. Like you and I were sitting in a small cafe across the table from one another enjoying a cafe latte — or whatever you drink ;-)

Okay, I’m getting a little off topic here, so let me close this post out for now. Just be on the look out for more great graphic design stuff from talented designers the web over.

Cool Commercial Retro Resources

Since this site discusses designing ebook templates, and I like sharing my finds with others, here’s another list of really cool “Retro” style resources you can use commercially throughout your ebook and website designs.

  • MUJKA – This site has awesome patterns, cool templates, and rad retro vectors. The prices are decent and the designs are outstanding.
  • Art by Andy Nortnik – Can you say “Retro Overload”?! Amazing retro royalty-free clipart packs hand crafted by Andy Nortnik. Really cool sets can be found here for a really good price.
  • Free Retro Clipart Gallery – Yes, a whole collection of free retro clipart images. Not sure if these can be used commercially as I couldn’t find any terms of use, so you may want to use this resource for personal only designs. Or do a bit of further investigating. Oh, and try not to go blind with the site layout design….it’s horrid!
  • My Retro Clipart.com – A nice collection of royalty free retro style colored clipart images. Not bad, not bad.
  • Time Tunnel – Super cool collection of Royalty Free retro clipart collections. And, if you register on the site, which is free, you can also download a new retro clipart image every month. Not a bad deal for nothin’!
  • RetroClipper.com – Sells royalty free retro images at $1.00 each. Pretty neato collection. The site says all images are downloadable after payment and come on a plain white background. Obviously, the images are not colored but simple black and white.
  • NewAgeWholesale.com – Good assortment of vintage style clipart images. Most in black and white, but you can get like 400 images in a collection for $9.95. Not a bad deal. Categories of image collections include: Angels & Fairies, Goddess, Egyptian, Suns & Moons, Wiccan, Medieval, and more.
  • Simply Dark Free Clipart – Not really “retro”, but hey, skeletons are always in fashion ;-) Good collection of free to download clipart images. Some are animated, and some are not. Still, a nice resource to have in your pocket.
  • Civil War Clipart – Collection of civil war images found across the web, and some even scanned and uploaded from original 19th century newspapers. All images claim to be “copyright free”, and freely available for download and use in your own designs.
  • Designed To A T – Good collection of free to download and use on both personal and commercial projects clip art. Various categories to choose from, even Victorian! Not great, but good enough to make the cut.

Okay, that’s all I’ll add to this list. Hopefully, that will be enough to keep you busy until I can add more resource lists in later posts.

If not, you can always try doing some “digging” of your own through Google.

Happy Downloading!

EZebt Membership Site Is Now LIVE!

Finally, after weeks of non-stop work, EZebt Membership Site Is Now Accepting Members.

There are only 250 Spots available, and they’re filling up fast.

If you act now, you’ll pay the lowest possible price monthly….

Here’s a hint….

It’s less than the cost of dinner for 2 at McDonalds!

And you’ll get a crud load of exclusive money making content too.

So, do yourself a favor and….

Be One Of The First To Sign Up And Benefit Now!

Private Membership Section Coming Soon

I am kicking around the idea of starting up a paid members only section that will include fresh ebook templates, new backgrounds to use, tools, videos, tutorials, etc.

The ebook templates will come with Master Resale Rights and some of the other content, may or may not come with the same rights (or better rights). I haven’t decided just yet. But, I do know this….

All the content included will NOT be found anywhere else except inside the paid members only section. That is a definite!

So far, it’s breaking down to including the following:

  • Fresh Ebook Templates Added As They Are Created Each Month — No Exact Time Frame Set Except For Adding Monthly Templates
  • Pre-Built Website Template Set For Each Ebook Template That Matches The Ebook Design
  • Exclusive Backgrounds To Use Within Your Own Ebook Designs
  • Ecover Actionscripts That Can Be Added
  • Original Photoshop Brush Sets For Photoshop 7 and Up You Can Use Commercially Without Restrictions
  • Blank eCover Designs
  • Any Additional Tools To Help In Ebook Creation & Designing I Can Think Up or Get Hold Of
  • Video Tutorials For Easier Learning That Holds Your Hand
  • In Depth Written Tutorials For Using Certain Advanced Ebook Template Designs Found Within The Members Only Section

I have already set up the section and will be working on getting things finished up and decide what I’m going to put inside there.

The basis of the membership site is to provide more useful content for exclusive members only that are willing to pay for the content.

Anyhow, if you’d like to see the test site, you can check it out below:

EZ Membership Site Test Run

Again, it’s gonna take me a few weeks to get everything situated and in place, but in the meantime, if you have any feedback, please do comment here so I can take all your suggestions into consideration before going officially “live” with the members only section :-)

Now that I’ve got your undivided attention…..

I recently saw Kung Fu Panda and it was a fantastically fun movie for the whole family. Which we all thoroughly enjoyed to the max!!

So, being inspired by the movie, I designed a new free ebook template with the “Kung Fu Panda” feel.

There’s actually 2 different colors right now — red and blue

But I will add a few more colors soon — like green and pink, etc.

The templates are the last 2 to be added, so they’re numbers #13 and #14

Go and download ‘em now!

They wreak of awesomeness….

WSO Section Password Protected

No, not on the Warrior Forum, silly! Inside my website :-)

I wanted to keep things fair to all other Warriors and not blantanly make my WSO (Warrior Special Offer)’s available to anyone NOT a fellow Warrior.

So, in order to see all the WSO’s available, you’ll need to have a private password.

What is it?

Well, to get it, you’ll have to email me a request for it.

Sorry, but that’s the only way you’ll gain access to that section of my site.

Now, it doesn’t cost anything beyond you taking time to send me a quick email to access the page. But, if you want to buy one of the WSO’s listed, you’ll have to pay the Warrior, just like everyone else.

To get the secret password, simply send me an email with “WSO Password” in the subject line to: tyates0711@yahoo.com and I will personally send you back the password.

I apologize if this is confusing, but I felt it was best, and fair to my fellow Warriors :-)

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