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This Isn’t Your Normal Post

Normally, I save this type of thing for my other sites, but because I’ve made previous posts about how PLR products can help when you create your own ebook or special report products, I felt it important to include this here as well to all my loyal readers.

Okay, so this is for all you digital product junkies out there….and also for those of you searching for a great deal on high quality PLR products.

Right, so we know that this is the time of year when kids go back to school, and grown ups get back online. Now is the time to start amassing a nice collection of digital products, and possibly creating your own from pre-written PLR materials, as Autumn is when sales start to climb back up.

Instead of spending $17.00 on up to $97.00 on just a hand full of digital products, you can get 105 different MRR and PLR products for a super low one time payment…….directly from me at my Annual Back2School FireSale (just click the linked text to check it out).

There is 2.83 GB of products worth more than $2,000 on the above page, and if you’re looking for a really superb deal for all 2009 digital products, then THIS IS THE LINK YOU WANT TO CLICK RIGHT NOW.

Sorry for the shouting, but it’s imperative that you get to the page right away to ensure that you pay the lowest price during this 4 Day Only Massive Event.

Because everyday until the fourth and final day, the price will increase. That means……..if you’re reading this and you’ve been hot on the lookout for a new firesale with loads of new products, then you need to get over to the above linked pages ASAP.

All the details and product descriptions/pictures are listed HERE.

I hope you make the most of this package and end 2009 with an giant money explosion :-)

And, if you have questions for me on this, or comments(good or bad), send them to me by posting them up here as comments. As long as it’s not SPAM, I’ll approve your posts……good or bad.

All the best to you!


blackpackMan oh man do I love stuff that makes ebook creation easier.

Having a superb collection of Photoshop Actionscripts for creating ebook cover graphics is like the icing on the cake.

Makes life easier. Makes creating professional looking digital products easier. And the eCover Black Pack as 35+ different style actionscripts to get the job done!

Only drawback to this pack….You gotta have Photoshop CS2 for them to work correctly :-(

But, the upshot is you can download Photoshop CS4 for FREE on Adobe’s main site from here as a 30 day trial. Don’t worry though, the program is fully functional, so it’s all good ;-)

Only problem at this point is that the ActionScripts were designed to work within CS2 ONLY….thus far as of my own testing, they DO NOT work within CS3 or higher. But if you’ve got CS2…then you’re all good!

I paid out $137 for this package myself, just so I could get the Master Resell Rights license. And so that I could hand it off to my site visitors for waaaaaaaaay cheaper. The lowest allowable price actually.

**Please Note: These ActionScripts ONLY work with Windows Operating Systems

So here’s how that breaks down……

For Personal Use Only Rights ( and you can use the actionscripts to create your own commercial ‘for profit’ ecover graphic works an unlimited number of times ) — My Site Visitors Will Pay The Bare Minimum Pricing Of A $17.00 One Time Payment

For Master Resale Rights Licensing ( and you can do the same mentioned above, PLUS resell the entire package for maximum profits legally ) — My Site Visitors Will Pay The Bare Minimum Pricing Of A $47.00 One Time Payment

But, before you go clicking on any links, I’m sure you’re curious to know what some of the action scripts can generate, right?

That’s cool. Here’s a couple of screen shots for you to browse over while you make your decision if this is right for you:





And there’s even more of those on the main page listed here for you to take a peek at.

Really, there’s a lot of good that can come from having a package like this.

You could….

  1. Create Custom Graphics For Clients
  2. Create Stylish Looking Ecovers For Your Own Projects
  3. Start An Ecover Graphics Membership Site
  4. Offer Ecover Creation Services
  5. Or Sell The Ecovers To Your Customers or Site Visitors ( if you opt for the MRR package )
  6. Add Them To Your Graphics Membership Site For Your Members To Use Personally

And I bet you could do even more with them. That’s just a few examples.

The best part about these action scripts that I liked so much was the fact that they could be resold by anyone legally. And those are really hard to find. Believe me, I’ve looked for them quite a bit before the release of this awesome package.

I know these work and it’s the real deal because I’ve used them myself already. And you’ll see evidence of this in upcoming EZ Ebook Template Package releases coming up soon.

So, my suggestion….If you’re into any type of online biz that deals with graphics, then this is a package you should have.

Jeremy Burns has released a top notch, in demand product here. Way to go Jeremy!

And, I like the fact that you get free updates any time he adds more actionscripts to the package.

Great deal. Great product.

EZ Ebook Template Package #1 Update Is COMPLETE!

ezebt_box_new_271Yay! Finally after a week or so it is D-O-N-E.

Yowsa, that took a lot longer than I thought it would. But is well worth it.

I was able to add a 23+ minute ‘how to’ video in both .AVI and .SWF (flash) formats

A 100+ page PDF instructional guide that teaches anyone how to do everything with the ebook templates in the package, or any other one for that matter

Updated all 6 of the original ebook templates using OpenOffice Writer 3.0.1

Added 2 extra ebook pages that contain standard/sample resell rights license text and legal disclaimer text

Added a REAL Table of Contents using the ‘Indexes/Tables’ function to each ebook template

And even updated all the reselling graphics too!

As you can see by the graphic displayed to the left of this text.

Best part of all, I’m letting 100 copies of this new updated version go for a one time payment of $10.00 to all current EZ Ebook Template #1 Package holders.

But, to get that deal, ya gotta be on my mailing list. Sorry Charlie(s). Just the way it is. See, being a member of even something free has its privileges ;-)

If you’re a current #1 package holder, and you’re not on my mailing list, sign up over on the right hand side, then contact me with your email address you signed up with and I’ll send you the details. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait another week or two before I release it to the general public at regular price ($27).


ezebooktemplatepack1After reviewing my very first EZebt Template Package, I saw gobs of room for improvement.

So that’s what I’ve been working on today.

I’ll be releasing this updated version here pretty soon, but you should read on for more details about that and what’s changing in this new, updated version.

In the updated version, the 6 templates will look pretty much the same but with some vast improvements over the original design layouts including:

  • Better Page Layout Designs Making It Super Easy To Add Your Ebook Content – this was a HUGE issue before and now with the updated version it will be tons easier to add new content, no matter how long your ebook chapters are
  • Updated Linked Table of Contents – each of the old templates will now have fully functioning, and linked, Table of Contents menus using the ‘Indexes and Tables’ option instead of having to input manually each new chapter link
  • 2 New Extra Pages In Each Design – I’ve added two new pages to each design that highlight your Resell Rights Licensing info and Legal Disclaimers info

Hopefully this upgrade will make things much, much easier to use the very first EZ Ebook Template Design Pack as it seems to get more and more popular by the day!

And, for those that have previously purchased the older version of Package #1, they will be able to purchase the updated version for a one time payment of $10.00.

Then they can resell it for the regular price of $27 to their own customers.

Plus, if you are currently selling this package, the updated version will please your customers with easier use.

And, I may even throw in a few video tutorials to the update as well to make things even easier. Heck, I might even create a PDF instructional manual to help out your buyers and reduce the need for extra customer service emails. That’s always a nice thing.

This new updated version should be ready to roll out by the end of this week and I will be sending out emails to my current list of buyers to pick up this new package.

I will also add the upgraded version inside my ‘Products’ section and begin selling it instead of the older version. But, inside there, it will cost the normal price of $27, so if you are a current EZebt Package #1 holder not currently on my buyers list, and want to pick it up for $10, then you’ll need to contact me directly. Just use the ‘Contact’ link on the top menu and I’ll answer you personally with all the details :-)

More than likely, I’ll end up doing an update for more earlier packages. #2 will be on the updates block next.

This Is Important: Please Read

chdbuttonMy very good friend Dr. Mani is having his annual “Day For Hearts” Donation event. What he does is to collect donations from across the web to help children in desperate need of help suffering from CHD or Congenital Heart Defects. Dr. Mani truly is a doctor. A heart surgeon to be exact. And he specializes in children. Where he comes from, there are so many poor children that cannot afford the treatments they so desperately need to live happy, healthy lives.

That’s where we come in as an online community and help. Dr. Mani doesn’t ask for much. Even a $5.00 donation helps these children. I implore you, if you can donate something, even just $5.00, please do. These children need our help.

This year, to raise even more money, Dr. Mani is hosting the first ever “Save A Child’s Heart” Firesale where you can donate 2 different donation levels at either $24.95 or $44.95 and he’ll give you a wondeful package of Internet Marketing products as part of your donation.

Whether you donate $5.00 or $500.00, anything you can give would be most appreciated. I know that this particular event is completely on the up and up and Dr. Mani is a terrific man. So find it in your heart and give a child a chance at a better life.

Do it today.

Dr. Mani’s annual “Day For Hearts” will begin on February 14th, but he is collecting donations right now and throughout the year for these lovely children. So show him and a needy child some love this Valentine’s day.

Oh, and P.S. – I’m not getting one thing out of this. I’m doing it as a way to show Dr. Mani that I care about his cause and I will also be donating myself. If you want to spread the word about Dr. Mani’s events, then please visit his main website page here to find out how you can help.

Relaxing Audios To Help Your Creativity

Did you know that when you are relaxed that you can actually be more creative?

It’s true!

Well, at least for me it is anyway. And I think that being worried or stressed out about one thing or another can drastically reduce your creative ability.

I know before a couple of days ago, I was totally stressed out. Couldn’t think straight. Couldn’t get anything done. Couldn’t come up with any new ideas for ebook templates.

But, then I came across this awesome audio collection of 12 nature sounds mp3′s and boy, what a lift it gave me!

Let me tell ya, I’ve lived in both Ohio, where it’s cold in the Winter and your stuck indoors without anything to do, and in sunny Florida, where you can go outside in shorts, play at the beach, and listen to the ocean waves just soaking up all the sunshine.

When I downloaded the audios, it took me from the Winter blue “ho-hums” and back to sun and fun at the beach. Even if all I had to do was close my eyes for a while. It was terrific. And after I listened to one of the hour long audios of ocean waves crashing against the shoreline, I felt completely reenergized and raring to go on my next project.

Which of course was the free tutorial I posted up earlier yesterday.

Not only that, but I even began working on a new free special report, checked a bunch of customer support emails, trolled a couple of blogs, got some laundry done, took a shower, washed the dishes, cooked, and enjoyed some tv with my hubby.

I got a lot done and didn’t even care that it was 20 degrees outside with snow blowing all over the place. I felt as good as I had when I lived in Florida, full of energy and creativity. Even if I couldn’t go outside in shorts :)

It’s amazing what our minds can do when given the right motivators. That’s why I firmly believe that having at least ONE nature sounds CD or mp3 can help if you’re feeling blue, have “cabin fever”, or just need a little mental boost.

Lucky me, I’ve got 12 of them.

And hey, if you’re like me, you not only LOVE the sounds of the ocean but the calming sounds of a thunderstorm ( I know, I’m crazy ), I’ve got that too with my new audio collection. Plus there’s even the crackling sounds of a cozy fireplace roaring, getting lost in the desert and listening to all the different animals, a relaxing waterfall, walking through the forest, and a bunch of others.

I highly recommend that if you’re feeling down, you should go check out the package that I got from the link below. Oh, and P.S. – it doesn’t even cost as much as a physical audio CD would. But you could turn it in to one if you wanted and take it with you when you’re away from your computer. In fact, you could even resell it as an audio CD. How cool is that?!

Anyway, here’s the link if you need a handy little collection of relaxers to get your creativity going:

12 Tranquil Nature Sounds Mp3 Audio Collection with Master Resale Rights

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