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For some people, designing the layout of how their PDF ebook looks is easier than writing their own unique content to put inside it.

Well, this short post is for them. And possibly YOU. If you are someone who is stuck when it comes to writing.

Most people will use PLR content for their ebooks.

What Exactly Is PLR?

The term ‘PLR’ stands for Private Label Rights. And you can find a ton of this type of content all across the web.

Having Private Label Rights content gives you tremendous freedom. Basically, you can become an ‘instant author’ by using something else someone else has written. It’s like having your own personal ‘ghost writer’ on tap.

What it boils down to is this. . . .

PLR author writes up content either as an article, pack of articles, or actual ebook on any given subject.

PLR author sells the content to others that are in need of it either because they cannot write themselves, or just don’t have enough time to do it.

PLR buyer purchases author’s content and is given a Private Label Rights license that allows buyer to claim content as his/her own without giving any additional credits. It is as if buyer has written the content themselves.

PLR buyer transforms PLR content into a new ebook product and resells to his/her customers with designated rights associated.

( Sometimes you can pass on Private Label Rights to your own customers, but you must always check the original authors Terms of Use, or License, that should be included with the PLR product )

But, like most things, you get what you pay for when it comes to quality. And good PLR is no different.

Suffice it to say that you need to be really choosy about the PLR content you decide to purchase. And be prepared to spend a pretty penny for the best stuff.

Now, with that said, here is a list of reputable PLR content sellers:

Gabor Olah’s PLR Site
a good option for both free and paid PLR content

Mike Collins’ Fresh PLR Content Site
focusing on specific niche subjects and offers article packages for them at low prices

Nichole Dean’s Site
a really big selection of both specific niche article packs and special reports for low cost

Bob Bastian’s Private Label Membership Site
a very good option at a low cost monthly fee for fresh new PLR content every month

JayKay Bak’s Unselfish Marketer Membership Site
my very personal favorite because not only do you get fresh PLR products, but Master Resale Rights products, services, and additional FREE memberships. it’s a #1 site for everything!

JayKay Bak’s Content Provider Pro Membership Site
a nice site providing ghost writer content for your ebook projects — here’s a quick hint, if you join the membership site above, you’ll get this membership thrown in free

Once you have a good PLR product, it becomes simply a matter of copy + paste into your ebook document template. You may have to do some additional formatting such as setting the size and style of the font you decide upon inside your ebook so it’s more ledgible to your readers.

Sans-serif is normally best for computer read ebooks. While Serif is best for ebooks that are to be physically printed out and read.

Oh, and one last quick tip . . .

It is a really smart idea to run the automatic “Spell Checker” inside of OOo Writer once you copy + paste your PLR content inside your ebook because many times there are grammatical errors throughout it. And, you don’t want to sound like a total dummy to your loyal readers :-)

Does it seem that far of a leap of faith to believe that practically any static design you can create for a web template can be used as an OOo ebook template design too?

Well, believe when I say you can do this for any “static” web site design.

But, what do I mean by “static“?

By “static“, I mean any content that just sort of, well, sits there and looks pretty.

It’s content that isn’t interactive. Meaning, it doesn’t do anything, or allow your visitors to do anything with it.

So, if you have seen a “static“, or regular HTML based web site, and you think it would make a really cool ebook template design, chances are, you can recreate it.


First of all, you need to create the actual static picture, or graphic with an image editing program. Like Photoshop, or GIMP, or Paint Shop Pro.

Then you save the graphic as a background image. Normally using the file extension: .jpg, jpeg, .gif, or .png.

You should only use a .png or .gif file extension if you plan on having a completely transparent background for your image. Otherwise, stick with the .jpg or .jpeg extension as it preserves the image much better with higher quality.

And, also, remember, when you recreate someone else’s designs, you have to make the design look much different than the original, and not just change a few colors. You need to have an end result that is unique, but inspired by the original. Otherwise you risk legal action.

If the design uses circles, use squares or triangles. If the design has daisies, use tulips or roses. I think you get the idea here.

I just wanted you to know that this is possible to do.

Especially for those of you that have already created your own original web site sales pages and wish to incorporate that design to your PDF ebook. You can do it!

And, later on, I’ll upload some tutorials showing you how.

Don’t ya just hate it when you find a really cool PS brush only to find out you can’t use it inside your commercial designs?

Well, I found a lovely lady who is selling her awesome brush sets that you CAN use commercially. And the price is just right.

At $9.99 per brush set, and they are beautiful brushes, you can snatch up terrific vector style brush sets for use in Photoshop 7, CS, and CS2.

She also has some cool freebie brushes you can play around with and see if you like them before buying too.

Check out her site, I’m certain I’ve made mention of it before, but you really should go check it out.

You can find her works both free and paid commercial at

It’s a package I use in my designs. And it’s a package that you could use in virtually any type of template design.

It’s called Killer Text. And it’s fantastic!

What exactly is Killer Text and what exactly does it do?

Killer Text is a thunderous package of Photoshop Actionscripts that turn plain text into wowzer text. Is that a word? :-D

I don’t know, but it’s a great tool to have for all your text design elements to make your next design leap from the page!

I can’t describe all the benefits of having Killer Text here, but I highly recommend you visit Max’s site and see for yourself what this affordable package can do for your next template designs:

Max’s Killer Text Package

Like I said, it’s a great package with tons of applications that will really boost your designing prowess.

Well done Max, well done.

Well, more often than not, it really is a case of “to each his/her own”. Trial and error. All that jazz.

For me though, and the designs I like to do, I find that a 670 pixel width by 910 pixel height works dandy.

You may feel differently, but the 670×910 layout area to work in shows up nicely for every page inside the default settings in OOo Writer.

Also, another point to ponder is what type of background design element you are incorporating into your ebooks.

If you are using a seamless, tiling background image, then really, the size of the actual OOo Writer text document is of little consequence.

Speaking of seamless, tiling background images, I’m creating a few and will be adding those later on inside the freebie area for download.

But, while you wait, there are other places to find some great looking seamless, tiling backgrounds. Here are just a few:

Nature Themed Seamless Backgrounds

Background City – lots of nice tiling backgrounds in an array of different categories

Pambytes Textured Backgrounds – plenty of colorful designs, but may be a bit too “loud” for ebook backgrounds though

Free Background Zone – a good variety found here for tiling backgrounds

And remember, as with anything titled “free”, it’s really best to check any and ALL “terms of use” BEFORE you decide to use the images :-) .

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