Since this site discusses designing ebook templates, and I like sharing my finds with others, here’s another list of really cool “Retro” style resources you can use commercially throughout your ebook and website designs.

  • MUJKA – This site has awesome patterns, cool templates, and rad retro vectors. The prices are decent and the designs are outstanding.
  • Art by Andy Nortnik – Can you say “Retro Overload”?! Amazing retro royalty-free clipart packs hand crafted by Andy Nortnik. Really cool sets can be found here for a really good price.
  • Free Retro Clipart Gallery – Yes, a whole collection of free retro clipart images. Not sure if these can be used commercially as I couldn’t find any terms of use, so you may want to use this resource for personal only designs. Or do a bit of further investigating. Oh, and try not to go blind with the site layout design….it’s horrid!
  • My Retro – A nice collection of royalty free retro style colored clipart images. Not bad, not bad.
  • Time Tunnel – Super cool collection of Royalty Free retro clipart collections. And, if you register on the site, which is free, you can also download a new retro clipart image every month. Not a bad deal for nothin’!
  • – Sells royalty free retro images at $1.00 each. Pretty neato collection. The site says all images are downloadable after payment and come on a plain white background. Obviously, the images are not colored but simple black and white.
  • – Good assortment of vintage style clipart images. Most in black and white, but you can get like 400 images in a collection for $9.95. Not a bad deal. Categories of image collections include: Angels & Fairies, Goddess, Egyptian, Suns & Moons, Wiccan, Medieval, and more.
  • Simply Dark Free Clipart – Not really “retro”, but hey, skeletons are always in fashion ;-) Good collection of free to download clipart images. Some are animated, and some are not. Still, a nice resource to have in your pocket.
  • Civil War Clipart – Collection of civil war images found across the web, and some even scanned and uploaded from original 19th century newspapers. All images claim to be “copyright free”, and freely available for download and use in your own designs.
  • Designed To A T – Good collection of free to download and use on both personal and commercial projects clip art. Various categories to choose from, even Victorian! Not great, but good enough to make the cut.

Okay, that’s all I’ll add to this list. Hopefully, that will be enough to keep you busy until I can add more resource lists in later posts.

If not, you can always try doing some “digging” of your own through Google.

Happy Downloading!

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