blackpackMan oh man do I love stuff that makes ebook creation easier.

Having a superb collection of Photoshop Actionscripts for creating ebook cover graphics is like the icing on the cake.

Makes life easier. Makes creating professional looking digital products easier. And the eCover Black Pack as 35+ different style actionscripts to get the job done!

Only drawback to this pack….You gotta have Photoshop CS2 for them to work correctly :-(

But, the upshot is you can download Photoshop CS4 for FREE on Adobe’s main site from here as a 30 day trial. Don’t worry though, the program is fully functional, so it’s all good ;-)

Only problem at this point is that the ActionScripts were designed to work within CS2 ONLY….thus far as of my own testing, they DO NOT work within CS3 or higher. But if you’ve got CS2…then you’re all good!

I paid out $137 for this package myself, just so I could get the Master Resell Rights license. And so that I could hand it off to my site visitors for waaaaaaaaay cheaper. The lowest allowable price actually.

**Please Note: These ActionScripts ONLY work with Windows Operating Systems

So here’s how that breaks down……

For Personal Use Only Rights ( and you can use the actionscripts to create your own commercial ‘for profit’ ecover graphic works an unlimited number of times ) — My Site Visitors Will Pay The Bare Minimum Pricing Of A $17.00 One Time Payment

For Master Resale Rights Licensing ( and you can do the same mentioned above, PLUS resell the entire package for maximum profits legally ) — My Site Visitors Will Pay The Bare Minimum Pricing Of A $47.00 One Time Payment

But, before you go clicking on any links, I’m sure you’re curious to know what some of the action scripts can generate, right?

That’s cool. Here’s a couple of screen shots for you to browse over while you make your decision if this is right for you:





And there’s even more of those on the main page listed here for you to take a peek at.

Really, there’s a lot of good that can come from having a package like this.

You could….

  1. Create Custom Graphics For Clients
  2. Create Stylish Looking Ecovers For Your Own Projects
  3. Start An Ecover Graphics Membership Site
  4. Offer Ecover Creation Services
  5. Or Sell The Ecovers To Your Customers or Site Visitors ( if you opt for the MRR package )
  6. Add Them To Your Graphics Membership Site For Your Members To Use Personally

And I bet you could do even more with them. That’s just a few examples.

The best part about these action scripts that I liked so much was the fact that they could be resold by anyone legally. And those are really hard to find. Believe me, I’ve looked for them quite a bit before the release of this awesome package.

I know these work and it’s the real deal because I’ve used them myself already. And you’ll see evidence of this in upcoming EZ Ebook Template Package releases coming up soon.

So, my suggestion….If you’re into any type of online biz that deals with graphics, then this is a package you should have.

Jeremy Burns has released a top notch, in demand product here. Way to go Jeremy!

And, I like the fact that you get free updates any time he adds more actionscripts to the package.

Great deal. Great product.

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