Well, that’s what I’ve heard anyway.

I’m gonna put the direct link right here on top before I do a break down on my thoughts about the free tool.


The name of the tool is Paint.NET and it’s pretty cool.

First off, it is indeed 100% free to use and download. And that’s a plus, especially for the budget conscious ;-)

Second off, if you’ve used Photoshop before, then finding your way around this program shouldn’t be too complicated. Many of the tools available to use inside it are just about the same.

There are some differences, though.

But overall, it’s a decent tool for being free.

The one downfall is that, from my own inspection, it couldn’t handle images with a .psd extension.

What does that mean?

Well, it means that if you have images that were created for use with Photoshop, such as a .psd image, they won’t open inside of Paint.NET.

But, as I said, if you’re on a tight budget and don’t have cash to spend on higher end graphics editing tools, then this might be a solution for you. And, if you don’t like using GIMP.

As a bonus, Michael Fortin has set up a video tutorial showing you what can be done with Paint.NET here:


Pretty much, you’ll have to decide for yourself if this is something you can make use of.

You’ve got nothing to lose by downloading it and checking it out.

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