All right. Several people have asked me about how to edit the EZ Ebook Templates, and really, it’s not that complicated at all. That’s why I call them “EZ” Ebook Templates ;-) .

But, if you are on the fencepost as to whether or not you should purchase the package due to a “learning curve”, this detailed tutorial might help you make a clearer decision.

How To Edit An EZ Ebook Template Easily

This section will explain to you how to go about making use of any EZ Ebook Template.>

First, let me say that each of the included ebook templates were saved in .ODT format. The reason for this is to make using them much easier for those that are well seasoned in using OpenOffice Writer, and for those that are not.

You can save them as a “template” for reuse in your version of OpenOffice Writer in just a few easy steps.

I would recommend though that you first get the template looking just as you want it to before saving it as a template for OpenOffice.

Here’s how to save it as a real template. . . .

STEP 1: Load The Template You Want Inside The OpenOffice Writer Program

To do this, simply navigate to the folder that contains the .ODT file you wish to open.

Then just double click on the ebook template file you want to open, as pictured above.

STEP 2: Save It As A Template

Once it’s opened up, all you need to do is click on >> File > Templates > Save. .

Then you can make any further settings necessary such as template name, etc.

Again, saving these .ODT ebook templates as actual “templates” isn’t a necessity to use them. Most people are going to want to simply open them up, make adjustments to them by adding their text, images, etc., and then hitting the “One Click PDF” button to generate a PDF ebook.

You may want to adjust the font settings to something more suitable to your ebook needs. The font being used throughout many of the included .ODT templates is called Myriad. And in two different styles: Myriad Pro and Myriad Pro Condensed.

Myriad Pro Condensed is what is being used for these words as you see them here.

It has been set at a 13 px size. Again, this can be adjusted to your liking. You may decide to go with something a bit easier to read.

You can make adjustments to the fonts by highlighting all the text you wish to change by left clicking and dragging over the text area with your mouse, and then selecting a different font from the drop down menu on the text tool bar above in the upper left hand side (as pictured below).

You can get more information on how to make further adjustments with the EZ Ebook Template Manual that is included with the EZ Ebook Template Package #2.

In other tutorials, I will explain in greater detail how you can make adjustments to the header and footer graphics for the templates using Adobe®Photoshop® 7 or higher.

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