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Uploading your ebooks to Amazon’s Kindle Store is big business these days. And it’s trending like crazy right now. The downside is that formatting your ebook correctly and getting your submissions accepted can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing.

On top of that, there are a few, and I do mean few, options available that teach you how to do it so that your submissions have a better chance of not being rejected. And most of those options are extremely costly. We’re talking anywhere from $67 on up through the $100 mark. Yikes!

Now, I know that this site focuses on formatting layout designs specifically for OpenOffice Writer, but most authors use Microsoft Word to do their formatting. Especially for the purposes of uploading to the Kindle Store.


Well, because you can upload a Word .doc file directly. But honestly, who wants to pay the high prices to learn how to do this???! Not me. And more than likely, not you either. That’s why you’re reading this post right now.

So here’s your solution….

I have actually been working really hard to come up with an affordable solution. The research was extremely time consuming for me to be sure I got everything right. And that’s a good thing….because it’s about to pay off….for YOU.

I’ve done the research. And the testing. Everything WORKS. Just like it’s suppose to. I have successfully uploaded several ebooks into the Kindle Store using the Word template I created. No rejections, which is awesome :-)

Now, I want to share the template I used successfully with you. But not by charging you $100. That’s lunacy!! So I’m going to offer this special Kindle Formatting Bundle for 90% less than my competition. Learning shouldn’t have to cost you ridiculous amounts of money.

But, what are you really getting with this new bundle?

How’s about this……

  1. A pre-formatted Word .doc template specially designed to work for Amazon’s Kindle.
  2. Full Instructions on how to use the template properly
  3. Additional Instructions on how to upload your ebook(s) to the Kindle Store without massive rejections
  4. The Kindle Template in Word .docx and OpenOffice Writer .odt formats
  5. A PDF version of the instructions in an easy to read and follow style

And you get all of this for the one time fee of…..


No, that’s no misprint. That’s the correct price.

But if this thing works so good, why are you charging so little for it?

Good question. Here’s my answer….

This template DOES work, but in my true style, I want everyone to have this. And not everyone can afford $60+ to figure out how to format their ebook for Kindle and upload it to the Kindle Store.

Plus, what I’m providing isn’t some “top secret” thing. It’s public knowledge that can be researched and looked up. If you have the time. If not, then what I’m offering is the perfect solution that saves you from doing all the “heavy lifting” yourself.

Everything you need to begin formatting and uploading your ebooks to the Kindle Store is included in this very special bundle. So, if you want to become one of the hundreds of authors that are currently getting in on the Kindle revolution, then now is the time to snag this bundle.

Get Your Copy For $9.95 Now

You will be provided with the Download Link Immediately After Your Purchase…So Be Sure To Save It!


Would You Like to Have PLR To This Unique Bundle?

Well….Now You Can!…Read On To Find Out How

Yes, You can pick up Restricted PLR to this entire Kindle Template Bundle for a one time payment of….ready for it….$30

You read correctly. One Time Payment of $30 for PLR.

But, you may be wondering….What is Restricted PLR?

Well, to ensure that the playing field stays level for all buyers, and there are a very limited amount of those, and to keep the value of this bundle as high as possible, there are some restrictions in place for these Private Label Rights. Now, don’t worry, you will be extremely happy with what you can do. And, you’ll also be quite pleased with what is not allowable. Trust me, this will benefit you as you begin to resell your own Kindle Bundle ;-)

Here Is The “Breakdown” of the Restricted PLR License:

You can do any of the following:

[YES] Add Your Name As The Creator and Author of the Package

[YES] Place Any of Your Links Within the Template files and/or PDF Guide file — you can do this from the .doc file and then convert to PDF

[YES] Charge Any Amount You Wish From $9.95 and Up for the Entire Bundle

[YES] Break the Bundle Apart and Sell Each Item Separately for no less than $3.00 each

[YES] Offer Free Bonus Items with the Bundle or Any Part of it if Selling Separately — Bonus Items Not to Exceed a total of 3

[YES] Add the Bundle to a Paid Membership Site with PERSONAL USE ONLY RIGHTS

[YES] Make Any Changes You Wish to Either the Templates or the Instruction Guide Including Creating a New eCover

[YES] Resell With PERSONAL USE ONLY Rights to the Entire Bundle or Parts of the Bundle

You may NOT do these things:

[NO] Sell Any Type of Resell Rights
[NO] Sell or Transfer Private Label Rights
[NO] Add to a Free Membership Site
[NO] Give Away Any Part of the Bundle for Free
[NO] Sell From Auction Sites
[NO] Sell For Less Than $9.95 for the Entire Bundle and Less Than $3.00 for Each Part if Selling Separately

These strict usage rights were put in to place to protect the value of this product and the scarcity of the PLR you have purchased.

The above was snagged directly from the License file that is included with your purchase.


Okay, Here’s What You Get:

  • Restricted PLR to the Whole Kindle Bundle
  • The Editable Word .doc to the Instruction Guide to add your own links and name into
  • All 3 Kindle Templates…In Editable Form of course — that’s the Word .doc, the Word .docx, and the OpenOffice .odt files
  • A HOT Niche Product No One Else Has

All for $30.

Act soon as the quantities are set and limited. Believe me when I tell you that I will NOT sell over the pre-set amount of PLR to this Bundle. It’s just too valuable!

Place Your Order For The PLR Kindle Bundle Now Before You Miss Your Chance

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