So, I received an email that mistakenly gave Ken Reno credit for my latest EZ Ebook Template Package.

I’m writing this post to be sure that everyone knows I created every EZ Ebook Template Package without any help from any outside sources, beyond all the terrific tools I use that is.

That’s why I put in a “READMEFIRST” PDF file in every package. Not only to let you, as the buyer, know what you can and cannot do with the package, but also, to let you know who to contact in case you need further help using the package.

Ken, while a great guy, didn’t create any of the packages, but is a legal reseller.

There’s a big difference there boys and girls.

And, I’m positive, Ken had nothing to do with the slip up.

I’ve put in a support ticket to the company who sent out the message so they can make everything correct. So we’ll see how that goes. — *UPDATE*: Yes! The company sent me a personal email and told me they are making the corrections giving me credit.

To further clarify….

I purposely only offer Master Resale Rights to my packages for a good reason…..

So that I can finally get some recognition, whether good or bad, from the hard work I do. Period.

Sorry Ken, but I’m taking my credit back! :-D

All right, rant over.

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