Need MORE Content For Your Next Ebook?

Then you need PLR.

Unrestricted PLR to be exact.

Why Unrestricted?

Well, because there are no limits to what you can do to the content to “make it your own”. Claim authorship, change it, add to it, break it up into helpful articles, create bundles, and many other ideas. Unrestricted PLR is the way to go, especially if you’re stumped as to what to write about. I use it, and many other authors use these types of sources as well to generate new money streams.

Only problem is, most of these particular sources of content come with high price tags. That’s due to all the things you can do with them. But, once in a great while, a nice package comes along with just the right price tag to increase your bottom line and thrust you into the “author” ring with little effort. Well, I’ve come across such a package and I’m adding it here today so you can pick it up for mere pennies.

What I found is a package with 10 of the most profitable niches….all with Unrestricted PLR….plus graphics, articles, autoresponders, and other great stuff. Here’s more details on everything inside:

  • Over 530 MB in size
  • 10 Popular Profitable Niche Titles Including:
    • Advanced Acne Eliminator
    • Basics of Body Building
    • Basics of Forex
    • Beginners Guide to Meditation
    • Beginners Guide to Golf
    • Bipolar Explained
    • Energy Efficient Home Ideas
    • The Truth About IBS
    • Winning Texas Hold ‘Em
    • Yoga For Beginners
  • Editable Word .doc files
  • Professional Pre-Made eCovers Including Photoshop .PSD Files for Further Editing/Changing
  • Related Topic Article Packs
  • Autoresponder Series for each Separate Ebook
  • Keyword List for Additional Promotion
  • A Handy List of Related Subject Affiliate Programs for Extra Profit Streams

The ONLY thing this package is lacking are any type of sales pages. Other than that, it’s a super solid package chock full of outstanding stuff you can turn into cash in a variety of ways. Take it even further by implementing any of the EZ Ebook Templates, and you’ve got a knockout combination!

Just take a look at these ecovers:

Now that’s good stuff!

Okay, so you know what to look for when it comes to quality….ahem….everything I just showed you ;-)

But where can you get all this?

Right here of course! And, for less than 7 bucks. No. That’s not a misprint. Since I know how pricey these packages can be firsthand from running my own MRR/PLR Membership site,  trust me when I tell you, I’ve paid much more than I’d like to say out loud for this package.

This is a very good value you do not want to pass up. Unless you want to pay someone else more for the same exact package. And you’re smart, so I know you want to save as much money as you can. Click the link below to pick up the package for the lowest price you can and start recouping your investment times 10+:

10 Profitable Niches Unrestricted PLR Package – $6.95
Get It Here Right Now

As always, download is INSTANT after successful payment. And if you run in to any problems, just shoot me an email so I can help.

Happy Writing….And Earning!

I got mine yesterday.

And it was created by one of my favorite authors…..Max of

Max has a great talent for making some of the best cover designs I’ve seen.

But he also has a terrific knack for knowing what types of products to release to the designing community that are beau coup profitable.

While his concepts of picking a profitable product may seem strangely simple, I think that’s what makes them work so well.

They are simple.

And that’s outstanding!

Sometimes with the never ending clutter of our world, especially online, we need simple solutions to our designing headaches. And Max certainly delivers on that.

Enough a** kissing already! Tell me about this ‘simple yet incredibly time saving’ product you speak of…

Okay, okay.

It’s called ‘Easy Striped Backgrounds‘ , and as I mentioned earlier it was created by Max of

The package consists of 100 web 2.0 styled backgrounds that will tile seamlessly no matter what size page you’re using.

The colors are nice, and there’s a good variety of them to select from to get the perfect match for your next project.

Now, why do I believe this particular product is a ‘time saver’?

Because instead of going over to and creating your own stripe-y backgrounds, you can just load up one from the package and be done with it.

It only takes a couple of seconds if you’re using an HTML editor like Dreamweaver. So why not cut down on your design time?

But, that’s not the only thing you’ll find inside here.

Normally, when you create your own web 2.0 seamlessly tiling background image, in order to use it with an image editor like Photoshop, you’d first need to convert the image over to a pattern to fill in an entire background of a project you were working on.

Max has taken care of that too.

He’s included a .pat file that you can simply load up inside of Photoshop and make use of all 100 of the backgrounds with just a couple of mouse clicks.

So, there’s yet another ‘time saver’ with this well rounded ‘designers friend‘ package.

Not only those 2 things, but Max also gives you a Master Resale Rights license to the whole thing so you can resell it to other ‘needy’ designers out there.

Here’s What’s Inside:

  • 100 .png Files For Every Web 2.0 Stripe-y Background
  • 1 .pat File For Use Inside of Photoshop Helping You Create Background Areas Within Your Designs
  • A Master Resale Rights License For The Whole Package
  • 1 Saleskit For Super Easy Reselling
  • And 1 .txt File of Simple Instructions on How to Use The Backgrounds

It’s a wonderful package that Max has priced low at just $17.

And I’m sure you’re curious to see examples of the backgrounds themselves, so you can check those out:

See Max’s Easy Striped Backgrounds Package Here

(be sure you order from the main index.htm page ONLY
or you'll pay the regular price!!)

And, if you decide you want to add Max’s newest package to your designing arsenal, you can do so and save $7 off the original price from the same link above ^^^^^^^.

I highly recommend this package for those looking to shave some time off their designing projects and still stay ‘up-to-snuff’ with the latest web 2.0 styles.

Way to go Max. And keep those packages comin’!

I, for one, can’t get enough of them ;-)