In the upcoming weeks, I will be developing something a bit new and would like to work on Newsletter Template designs one can use inside of OOo Writer.

Plus, I will be working on various “niche” style ebook template packages that will include hot topics like…

1. Nature & Animals

2. Health Care

3. Sports

4. Money

5. Holidays & Special Occasions

And probably more. But for now, I’ll begin working on those specifically. It should be enough to keep me busy on up through the Christmas season.

Also, I am going to begin developing actual “template styles” as I study up on how to do it….

There’s a lot to learn about using real “template styles” inside of OpenOffice Writer, so it may take me a bit longer to get a grip on that.

And, finally, I’d like to begin developing EZ Ebook Template Packages for Microsoft Word users. I’ve had so many requests for this, it isn’t even funny. Guess some folks just refuse to make the switch over from MS to OOo. Bummer :-(

So, those are the latest and greatest updates for the EZ Ebook Template line. I have loads of work to do with the Members Only Site and I’m getting more Custom Work Orders, so things are becoming a little on the hectic side for me.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to continue posting my progress here and let you know about all the new things I’m working on as they near completion.

And, as usual, when I run across something useful, I will definitely post that info up too.

So, stay tuned, it’s gonna be a busy Fall Season!!

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