You know, a lot of people ask me why I decided to create ebook templates for use exclusively within OpenOffice Writer and not develop them for Microsoft Word.

Well, here’s the short answer . . .

Because OOo Writer is FREE!

The longer answer is . . . .

There are plenty of free resources for ebook templates for use inside MS Word, but not even a handful for OOo Writer.

One highly respected friend of mine asked me why I wouldn’t just create ebook templates in both formats so that I wouldn’t leave any “money on the table”. And, he had a great point.

But, honestly, I tried converting the templates over to MS Word, and what a friggin nightmare that was!!

The images didn’t show up, the table formatting was all wrong, the text looked like crap, etc., etc.

And talk about a pain in the a$$ trying to use MS Word as compared to the ease of OOo Writer. Wow. It was simply something that I wouldn’t want to do again.

Now I have a question . . .

Why Are People Still Using MS Word And NOT Using OpenOffice Writer??!?

All around, the program is much better than MS Word. It’s easy, simple, and fast. Not to mention it’s 100% totally FREE! Who could ask for more than that? I don’t know, maybe someone who likes doing things the hard way?

The last thing I’m going to say is this . . .

If YOU are still using MS Word, I think you might want to switch over to OpenOffice Writer. It’s a better program that makes more sense.

You can download the entire OOo Suite of programs free from here:

Whoever said you can’t get anything decent for free wasn’t talking about OOo!

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