No, not on the Warrior Forum, silly! Inside my website :-)

I wanted to keep things fair to all other Warriors and not blantanly make my WSO (Warrior Special Offer)’s available to anyone NOT a fellow Warrior.

So, in order to see all the WSO’s available, you’ll need to have a private password.

What is it?

Well, to get it, you’ll have to email me a request for it.

Sorry, but that’s the only way you’ll gain access to that section of my site.

Now, it doesn’t cost anything beyond you taking time to send me a quick email to access the page. But, if you want to buy one of the WSO’s listed, you’ll have to pay the Warrior, just like everyone else.

To get the secret password, simply send me an email with “WSO Password” in the subject line to: and I will personally send you back the password.

I apologize if this is confusing, but I felt it was best, and fair to my fellow Warriors :-)

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